In Spain, the group has five specialised centres which contain research and development as well as product management activities, and that are independent from the plants where appliances are manufactured. The attitude of the service, competence analysis and a global perspective and mindset inspire these centres, where teams of international experts pursue a common goal.

In 2004 BSH won the “Aragon Investiga” award thanks to its pledge to research, development and innovation, the engine of the company’s success as well as the cornerstone of its technological and industrial progress.

In 2012, there were acknowledgments of the developed products. Thanks to the data obtained in the online panel of users, BSH developed a product in which the maximum power of the device is limited and managed intelligently, without detriment to the actual use of the induction cooker. This product, in 2012, won the innovation award and best product of BSH in 2011. On the other hand, the worktop of total flexibility, that allows the user to cook with containers of different sizes and shapes, provinding free placement on the surface of cooking with a perfect culinary result, was awarded a prize from the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

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