In 1981 a beneficial ongoing collaboration began between the company that was then called "Balay S.A." and the Electronics Department of the University of Zaragoza that came about as the first result of the first induction cookers on the market in 1989.

Since then this symbiotic relationship has grown and extended to other departments and scientific institutes creating a true research, development and innovation network of knowledge. As a result of this we must mention the 30 signed research projects, 15 doctoral theses and 300 patents completed together. Additionally, within this area we can highlight the research group workshops that have been ongoing since 2006 and that have become a real scientific conference in the field of induction heating.

This expertise has resulted in many innovative new developments that have been launched on the market making BSH the undisputed leader in its field, like for example the frying sensor and the new flexible cooktops: Flexinduction and Freeinduction.

Laboratory and training

BSH Electrodomésticos España actively collaborates with the University of Zaragoza in student training by sponsoring, since 2001, the BSH Power Electronics Laboratory in the Ada Byron Building of the University, where educational placements are carried out for the bachelor’s and master’s engineering degrees. These internships allow for specific training in the electronic technologies used in induction heating such as Power Electronics, Microelectronics, Designing Magnetic Components and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

BSH also conducts various training activities for university students, such as visits to its factories and technology centres; organising internships at the company and degree or master’s theses; and we must also mention that the company’s researchers also work as part-time teachers at the University of Zaragoza, in different areas of expertise like graphic design, automatic or electronic engineering or master; also worth mentioning that company researchers exercise of part-time faculty at the University of Zaragoza, in various fields of knowledge as graphic design, automatic or electronic engineering.

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